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Synthetic Turf in Melbourne’s Yards

In the decade since one of Victoria’s longest-running droughts, homeowners in Melbourne have discovered the low-maintenance synthetic lawn. And with increasing popularity, the quality of these products has come a long way since the humble astroturf. Melbourne Brick stocks a wide range of synthetic lawn products for lawns, entertainment areas and even home putting and chipping greens. No water, no mowing and no worries with Synthetic Turf from Melbourne Brick.

With our brand Supernatural Turf being one of the longest-standing and most trusted synthetic turf brands, we are always developing new styles in association with our suppliers. 

Some of the first uses of synthetic turf were for American Football fields, particularly in areas with cold winters. It reduced maintenance and allowed the stadium owners to keep a well-maintained, green playing surface all year round.

From there, the product quickly spread to tennis courts and hockey and soccer fields all over the world.

It was only a matter of time before it was used in domestic situations.

Unfortunately, the early grasses were not really made for ‘lawn’. And they often looked like green carpet outside. 

Now, varieties have been developed with longer thread lengths, and some even have a brown material at the base of the grass to simulate dead grass growth.

We also stock products that are perfect for home putting green, with other ranges used around the edges to allow for chipping as well.

Synthetic Turf is here to stay, just like Melbourne Brick. Trusted by homeowners, builders and tradespeople since 1988.

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