Taking the lead on enviro friendly construction (The latest from Island Block)

On the beautiful green apple isle, a boutique Aussie company is leading the world in producing environmentally friendly construction products including blocks and retaining walls.

Melbourne Brick is delighted to be the exclusive Victorian Distribution partner to Island Block – a company based in Breadlabane – a small town just south of Launceston in Tasmania. 

Island Block has developed an innovative manufacturing method incorporating recycled glass into their bricks, blocks and other products – achieving a 

The exclusive Sustainable Products for the Future collection from Island Block & Paving
have achieved Global Green Tag certification and includes a unique, environmentally beneficial range of bricks, retaining wall blocks, concrete building blocks and weed-free paving; all products use coloured recycled glass aggregates instead of natural resources.

The Freestone ECO Retaining Wall System is a more sustainable DIY, vertical retaining wall. Freestone ECO retaining walls are suitable for most retaining or garden wall situations, engineering design assistance is available.

The concrete Blocks for the Future come in a fantastic range of colours & unique finishes. Blocks for the Future are the premium choice for building designers who are after a building block that not only looks great, but benefits the environment. Blocks for the Future are more sustainable than other products on the market because they are manufactured with up to 40% recycled glass aggregates which provide a unique surface finish.

The environmental benefits are enormous as natural resourced aggregates such as sand and metal dust, are replaced in manufacture by a potential landfill product. Due to the cementitious value of the finely crushed recycled glass, cement usage is reduced by 10% – therefore importantly reducing CO2 emissions whilst still achieving excellent product strength.

You can view all the Island Block range at any of our three display superstores in Glen Iris, Hallam or Bayswater or see more details online at www.melbournebrick.com.au. Or call our friendly and experienced staff on 1300 722 102.