retaining walls - island block

The great Australian retaining wall – add a little vertical flair and function to your outdoor space. 

Ever since your Grandfather was running around in shorts, retaining walls have been holding up the land on sloping blocks around Australia.

Here in Melbourne, whilst many see the city as quite flat, there are still a lot of natural and man-made variation in ground heights to cope with in the average backyard.

Retaining walls used to be made predominantly of natural materials such as railway sleepers back in the 1970s. As the timber was removed from railways, it was on-sold for landscaping purposes. 

But timber rots, gets eaten by termites and is generally quite difficult to maintain. 

As a result, continued product development over time saw the release of both segmental retaining walls – built easily from interlocking blocks, and concrete sleeper retaining walls. 

We stock a wide range of both types at Melbourne Brick and you can see them in our display superstores in Glen Iris, Bayswater and Hallam. 

Retaining walls are the Aussie backyard heroes, holding up the land and adding flair to outdoor spaces. They come in different styles and offer heaps of benefits. Let’s dive into what’s hot in Aussie retaining walls and why they’re so awesome.

  1. Retaining walls are available in versatile styles.
  2. They have the functional benefit of holding back soil on uneven blocks.
  3. Low Maintenance – newer segmental and concrete sleeper walls are low-maintenance
  4. Style – even on flat blocks, homeowners and architects are using retaining walls to create outdoor seating, raised vegetable gardens, and vertical height in landscape designs. 

A snazzy retaining wall can bump up your property’s value. Victorians have a love affair with outdoor living, and a well-designed retaining wall can enhance the appeal of your yard, making it more attractive to potential buyers. 

Whether it is creating terraced gardens, defining outdoor entertainment areas, or adding privacy with a raised boundary, retaining walls add both visual interest and practicality to your property. So, if you’re thinking of selling down the track, investing in a top-notch retaining wall could pay off big time.

So, why wait? Get cracking on that backyard renovation and give your outdoor space the attention it deserves.

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