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The Green Revolution

Everywhere you look in the construction and landscaping industry there are sustainable solutions being introduced. The green revolution is here.

It’s a green revolution for an industry that hasn’t been great in the past. 

Take brick cleaning for example. Up until recently, builders used toxic sulphuric acid to clean bricks once they had been laid. This is a terrible product, dangerous for humans and nasty for the environment.

It is with great relief and delight that Melbourne Brick, as part of the green revolution, has recently begun distributing the GuardIT range of products including Green Acid Replacement – a safe alternative for cleaning bricks. And their amazing Graffiti cleaner. 

Elsewhere, some homegrown innovation in the form of using recycled glass to replace cement products in bricks, blocks and pavers has been quietly and confidently developed by Island Block & Paving out of Tasmania. 

Once again, Melbourne Brick is the exclusive distributor of their range in Victoria. Not only are products like Freestone Eco-sustainable and green, but they are simply beautiful when installed, with the light flickering off the glass particles in the block.

Architects, councils, builders and homeowners are searching for green, sustainable solutions for their homes and landscaping. 

And Melbourne Brick is delivering a wide range of products that can be used to design and deliver a greener solution for your project. 

Ask the team about these products and more, including permeable paving.