Learn about the sustainability imperative and how it affects our future. Melbourne Brick offers eco-friendly products to help you make a positive impact.

The Sustainability Imperative

The Sustainability Imperative

Melbourne Brick, we think that we’ll be seeing more and more green products in years to come for building and renovating. 

The trends are obvious from the general agreement that climate change is dramatic and accelerating to a desire by all rational humans to remove waste like plastic from our oceans. 

It’s why we are always on the search for a greener option.

Whether it is a cleaner that replaces nasty acids – like Green Acid Replacement from GuardIT or the beauty of recycled glass replacing some cement content in Island Block & Paving products. 

We were delighted to recently announce a new sustainable artificial grass with high sustainability content. This product uses fibres sourced from of all things – sugar cane. So we now have green artificial grass that comes from a member of the grass family. Very cool.

You can count on the team at Melbourne Brick to be doing our bit to source and supply sustainable products for you in the future. 

Together, we hope we can leave this place a bit better than we found it.