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Top 5 Outdoor Trends 2021

In this article, the team at Melbourne Brick have scoured news, social and opinion leader web sites and present to you the Top 5 Outdoor Trends 2021.

What are people talking about? What are people doing?

We’ve focussed on the innovative, interesting and most importantly accessible trends.

No use talking about the things only the rich can afford – these trends are for everyone.

Melburnians have already take great pride in their gardens and outdoor spaces. In fact, we believe the gardens and outdoor areas of Melbourne’s gardens stand up against the best in the world. 

Of course many of these trends have sped up in the past year, as many of us spend more time at home than we ever have in the past. We start to notice things about our spaces and this fuels our ideas and desire to create a space we can love at home.

  1. Low maintenance – no one has an abundance of time these days, and maintenance continues to be a key driver of garden and space design. Plants that require little in the way of water or pruning are preferred. As are grasses like Buffalo which are low growing and easy to keep in good condition. Melbourne Brick stock a wide range of natural and artificial grasses
  2. Food Bowls – a lot more people are keen to grow their own veggies and salads these days and apart from the traditional veggie garden, the use of elevated garden boxes, and even fancy pop up veggie garden kits have grown in popularity in recent years
  3. Relaxation Spaces – from the fire pit, to the retaining wall with in-built seats, we are all about creating somewhere to sit, read, relax and ponder in our gardens. 
  4. Water – in the form of a pool or a pond, water features remain a popular choice in our gardens. At Melbourne Brick, we have a wide variety of pavers including bullnose designs that remain amongst our biggest sellers.
  5. Playspace – an increasing number of people are installing multi-function play spaces. Often a home putting and chipping green that doubles as a basketball court for the kids. Somewhere to play ball sports is becoming a sought-after option for many of our clients. Our Supernatural Grass varieties will fulfil all the requirements for these zones. 

So there you have it. Five key design trends for your outdoor space. Of course there are hundreds of more ideas available to you that can be satisfied with our wide range of pavers, bricks, breeze blocks, retaining walls, grasses, stone and more. 

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