Watch our Seals Perform

t Melbourne Brick, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our staff. Many of our staff have been with us for many years, and they are comfortable talking about and advising you on a wide range of products from bricks to pavers, retaining walls to grass, stone to natural turf.

We’re equally proud of our seals. No these aren’t the sleek and fast denizens of Seaworld, and they don’t perform tricks. 

But they perform for many years in your very own backyard. We recommend that most masonry and stone pavers are sealed when they are installed to prevent damage and to reduce your maintenance over time.

We’ve seen far too many older installations where this has been ignored and now the owners paving is marked, stained and incredibly difficult to clean.

For many pavers a good clean and re-seal is also recommended at regular intervals of xx years.

We stock and recommend MAPEI – the world’s best sealer manufacturer and other brands including our own MSEAL.

There are some pavers that don’t need sealing too, so if you’re not interested in our performing seals, we can recommend something like a Porcelain paver – which is a dense material that doesn’t need sealing.

For more information and assistance from our friendly and expert staff, come and visit one of our three display superstores or visit for a little inspiration.