What do Elon Musk and Island Block have in common?

In the last few years, Elon Musk has launched product after product that are inspiring generations of supporters – both those interested in protecting our environment her on Earth, and those that dream of a multiplanetary civilization starting on Mars.

The team as Island Block – on the Apple Isle of Tasmania – are passionate about Eco Friendly design and have a wide range of pavers, blocks and retaining wall products that deliver this in spades.

Melbourne Brick is proud to be their exclusive partner in Victoria and we particularly love their range because it is not only green, but beautifully aesthetic too.

When the light catches a glint from the recycled glass in the face of one of their retaining walls, it proves the beauty of these products in comparison to some of the competition.

When you buy their range, you know you’re getting something fit for purpose and also environmentally friendly and beautiful.

It’s a triple win.

And something even Elon would be proud of.

Check them out in store now.