What’s new with artificial turf

Artificial turf has sure come a long way from what looked effectively like carpet a few years back.

In this article, we examine some new trends in artificial turf that will have you thinking about the amazing benefits of this option for your backyard.

We all know about the no mowing, no water, no worries benefits, but what else is happening in the world of the fake grass market?

Here’s just three trends:

  1. Specialised use – there are some amazing artificial grasses out there that have been developed for very specific uses. Like the installation of proper putting and pitching greens at home. Different length grasses, with specific playability features now mean you can build a golf hole at home that allows you to practice as if you were on the course.
  2. Aesthetics – there are some amazing design features which are improving the look and feel of these grasses all the time. Take the brown thatching for example that some manufacturers are putting in the base of their designs. This adds to the natural look of the grass by mimicking dead or old growth below a green new and lush surface.
  3. Scientific Advancement – one criticism of fake grass in the past was heat generation in hot climates. Now there have been advances in some of the in-fill you can use. Instead of sand there are ‘cooling’ granules that will keep the heat of the grass down, even on super hot days, meaning you won’t be doing the bare foot jump or avoiding your artificial turf on summer days

So there are three trends we’ve seen lately in artificial turf. If you’re keen to explore the use of our Supernatural Grass range in your garden, visit our stores, give us a call on 1300 722 102 or search Supernatural Grass on our site – www.melbournebrick.com.au.