Would You Enter A Wet Paver Competition?

Sounds interesting right? Well wait till you see what we’ve got  “in store” for you at our three display superstores.

We recommend most pavers are sealed as they are installed to protect them against stains and damage.

This is of course is the main purpose of sealers.

But now sealers are entering the fashion stakes and we’re taking it up a notch with a new range of water based wet look sealers that will enhance and in some cases darken the look of your pavers to put them right on trend.

If you’ve ever pressure washed your deck, or driveway or pavers and recognised how good they look when wet, you’ll really appreciate this new range as they basically make the paver look like it has just been washed all the time.

It is a different look and not for everybody.

But if you’re into wet pavers, then come and check out our displays.