Would you like Lime with that?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of grains, but unlike sandstone these grains are mostly of coral or molluscs. It’s origin is in the shallow sea beds of million year old oceans.

Limestone is used in building, both as quarried stone, and as an essential component of Portland cement.

One of our favourite Limestone products at Melbourne Brick is made by Bruhn Limestone.

Quarried from the ground in the region around Mount Gambier, this beautiful stone is formed into both traditional and modern stone designs and as you can see from our feature image, makes for an imposing material to build your castle or home from.

This breadth in our product range allows us to beautifully support both traditional building architecture and more modern contemporary designs which is demonstrated and can be viewed within the ‘Showcase’ section of this website.

Colours range from light creams to rich biscuit colours that create an elegance and ambience only real stone can offer.

Melbourne Brick is proud to distribute this beautiful and timeless product in our three display centres.

Come see the product range which includes ashlar blocks, retaining wall blocks, columns and moulds.