You won’t believe it’s not timber

Years ago there was a very funny commercial about a margarine called ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ and you’ll be expressing the same exclamation when you see our Timberstone product.

I’ve stood right up close to this amazing cast product, and still couldn’t believe my eyes that it isn’t a real Timber Sleeper.

Yet it isn’t, but your guests and visitors to your garden won’t know the difference.

You can smile and nod when they admire your Timber sleeper retaining wall or your Timber look stepping stone walkway.

But you will also know that you’ll have no maintenance, and no termites and no rot like real sleepers.

Melbourne Brick manufacture and distribute Timberstone, and it gets the same royal treatment in terms of quality as our Melbourne Stone range.

We use the highest grade sand, colours that go right through, and prepare the product in silicone molds designed to mimic the grain and patterns of a real sleeper from which we took the mold.

Timberstone is an amazing, and aesthetically pleasing product that adds a very different look to a paved or walled area.

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